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Steven "Steve" Young’s professional experience has focused on characterizing and solving groundwater water supply and remediation problems. He has worked on a wide-range of water development issues including characterizing groundwater resources, developing and applying groundwater models, and designing well fields for water supply. He routinely works with government and private industry to assess fresh water and brackish groundwater resources based on analysis of geophysical logs, aquifer test data, and geochemical data. Steve has worked extensively in Texas to evaluate groundwater resources in the Gulf Coast Aquifer System, the Northern Trinity Aquifer, and the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. He has managed numerous large projects for both public and private firms and has worked with numerous groundwater conservation districts. This work consists helping the agencies develop water resource management plans, groundwater rules, groundwater databases, and complete assessment of groundwater resources. Steve has participated in joint planning activities with several groundwater management areas and helped with the development and modification of groundwater availability models. He has managed groundwater remediation projects for many state and federal agencies, several public utilities, manufacturing companies, and for private industry.