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Sunil Mehta’s professional experience as a hydrogeologist has been focused on flow and transport modeling under variably saturated conditions, reactive transport modeling, performance assessment, and uncertainty analysis. He has gained this experience on projects involving deep geologic isolation of high-level radioactive wastes, shallow disposal of low-level radioactive waste, and environmental restoration activities in accordance with local and federal regulations. Sunil’s experience includes designing, developing, and applying numerical models to evaluate the performance of radioactive waste storage and disposal facilities. His work has encompassed developing flow and reactive transport models for transuranics, conducting process and component modeling (e.g., unsaturated and saturated zone flow, colloid facilitated transport, waste form degradation) and combining these models into a comprehensive probabilistic assessment tool used to forecast post-closure performance of a storage facility. In the area of environmental restoration, he has performed hydrogeological studies and groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling to support the design of remedial systems to sequester and capture contaminants such as uranium and hexavalent chromium in periodically rewetted zones influenced by aquifer-river interactions. In addition, Sunil’s water resources experience includes evaluating aquifer resource potential for agricultural needs through the interpretation of geophysical logs and analysis of pumping test data, and using remote sensing techniques to support groundwater exploration.