Staff Directory

Susie Hardie specialises in radioactive waste disposal and environmental remediation and research. Since the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi (1F) nuclear power plant in Japan, she has spent two, three-month periods working with an environmental research team in Fukushima city, focused on documenting off-site remediation and assessing the mobility of radiocesium. In addition, she has supported studies of 1F on-site stabilization and planning of decommissioning, with special emphasis on management of fuel debris/hot particles and a holistic approach to waste disposal. Susie acts as coordinator for a wide range of other work carried out in Japan. She has reviewed and provided English documentation of a safety case for co-disposal of HLW and TRU and a spent fuel feasibility study. One aspect of her work has been the development of optimized disposal concepts that place emphasis on operational safety, practicality, and the reduction of costs/environmental impact. For such work, a range of advanced knowledge management tools are used to comprehensively capture potential natural and human perturbations and identify trade-offs between operational and post-closure safety. Susie was also involved in a feasibility study for a waste disposal facility for damaged nuclear facilities in Iraq. Her earlier work included investigations of the mobility of radionuclides in bentonite within the Cyprus Natural Analogue Project, remediation of heavy metal contamination, carbon cycling in peatlands, developing analytical techniques for stable and radioisotope analysis of CO2 and CH4 and stable isotope analysis of Scotch whisky.