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Theresa Landewe’s professional experience focuses on water supply development and specifically encompasses conducting groundwater-supply investigations, including collector-well feasibility studies, groundwater modeling for well-field development, water-quality modeling to evaluate surface and groundwater interaction, and traditional aquifer testing. She has used her technical and organizational skills to prepare analytical reports and incorporate the collected data into the water supply permitting processes of state agencies in the Midwest and Northeast. In addition, Theresa has developed water demand forecasts for regional aquifer systems in the Midwest, which has required in-depth analysis of state and federal databases as well as interactions with multiple state agencies. She has also been responsible for market analysis and business development, involving marketing her technical team, writing proposals, developing budgets, creating marketing materials, and preparing market analysis reports. She has expertise in the standard software used in the industry as well as the less common codes and scripts that are often embedded in projects related to modeling and hydrogeologic analysis.