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Tingting Yan’s professional experience has focused on research and the practical application of developing and applying groundwater models, managing and analyzing data in geographic information systems (GIS), and conducting hydrogeological studies and analyses to support water resources management. Her modeling experience includes using codes such as MODFLOW, MT3D, GMS and Argus ONE, and parameter estimation with model optimization codes such as PEST and UCODE. Tingting is also a skilled programmer using languages and codes that include FORTRAN, Matlab, Python, and R. She has experience with GIS software such as ArcGIS and IDRISI, and she has also worked with database development using Access and GIS geodatabases. Tingting applies her modeling and other technical experience to support a variety of projects focused on water resources studies, including several groundwater availability models of aquifers in Texas, and the development and application of models and other quantitative decision support tools to evaluate water management strategies in California, New Mexico, Florida, and Mississippi for several regional and local water authorities.