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Trevor Budge’s experience encompasses characterizing and modeling hydrologic and hydrogeologic systems in support of a wide range of water resources, environmental, and waste isolation projects. His work has included analyzing and optimizing remediation well configuration and operation, investigating long-term remediation costs, characterizing complex geological settings with the use of geophysical and remote sensing data, designing slurry walls and hydraulic barrier walls near sensitive water bodies, emergency planning-based modeling of catastrophic dam failures and large storm events, and developing geographic information system tools to efficiently process data and modeling results. These tasks have been completed using a wide range of numerical, analytical, and geostatistical tools. His knowledge of computer hardware and software, including GIS and programming languages, allows him to solve problems that arise specific to each project that cannot be resolved using standard out-of-the-box software and hardware. Trevor has completed projects for organizations ranging from small municipalities and local water authorities to state and federal government agencies, and he has authored and developed software applications used by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Defense.