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William “Bill” Linderfelt’s professional experience has focused on hydrogeology and environmental science, and primarily the development of conceptual and numerical flow and transport models of complex groundwater and surface water systems using a variety of analytical and numerical modeling techniques. The models Bill develops have been applied to a broad range of environmental concerns, including evaluation of groundwater and surface water impacts from open-pit and underground mines, disposal of oil-produced water in infiltration basins, migration of mine waste rock leachate, migration of the dissolved-phase of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) in the saturated and vadose zones, transport and fate of contaminants in variably saturated flow systems for remedial design, transport and fate of dense liquids in aquifers to assess potential impacts, and contaminant fate and transport in surface water and sediment. Bill has applied his expertise in support of permitting, regulatory compliance, and site closure in the mining and petroleum industries, contaminated site evaluation and remediation for various types of companies involved with RCRA or CERCLA sites, water resource evaluation and development for private and government entities, and technical support for environmental litigation cases. He has worked on projects through the US and internationally in Australia and Europe.