INTERA is pleased to welcome Stephanie Moore, PG, to our water resources group in Austin, Texas. As a Senior Hydrogeologist, Stephanie brings over 20 years of expertise in water resources, including eight years with the USGS and 15 years as a consultant working primarily for governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. She is very active in the Texas water resources community and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado River Alliance. Stephanie has a solid technical foundation in quantitative and computational hydrogeology; designing, executing, and managing complex scientific investigations and long-term monitoring programs; data interpretation, management, and quality assurance; statistical analysis; and report writing. She has led and worked on a variety of water resources projects in Texas and New Mexico, and she is an industry-recognized expert in managed aquifer recharge projects. Wade Oliver, Manager of INTERA’s Houston Operations and Business Development Lead for Texas Water Resources, stated, “We are very excited to have Stephanie join our team! She has a strong technical background, especially when it comes to groundwater-surface water interaction. In addition to her strong technical background, she is very active in the Texas Water Resources community.”