Benoît Paris’s professional experience has focused on quantitative hydrogeology, geochemistry, and numerical code development in support of environmental and radioactive waste isolation projects. He has designed and implemented coupled geochemical (speciation) and groundwater flow and contaminant transport codes, and developed a numerical well test simulator. Benoît has performed groundwater flow and fate and transport modeling studies, in both porous and fractured media, and conducted sensitivity and uncertainty analyses on modeling results to support environmental site assessments and characterization of deep geologic repositories for radioactive waste. He has also designed, implemented, and interpreted hydrogeologic tests for a variety of site characterization projects. Benoît has managed environmental due diligence and investigation projects for sites ranging from gas stations to major petrochemical facilities. Activities at these sites included site reconnaissance visits, safety audits, management of soil and groundwater investigations, interpretation of sampling and investigation data, development of site models, development of regulatory compliance strategies and negotiations with regulators, evaluation of remedial alternatives, and design of soil and groundwater remediation systems.