Beronica’s expertise is focused on the assessment, characterization, and remediation of sites with impacts to environmental media including soils, soil vapor, sediments, surface water, groundwater and air. Through work at a variety of Brownfields, state and federal Superfund, and other industrial sites, she applies a systematic approach to reviewing assessment criteria and existing data sources, identifying assessment issues, and using innovative data collection approaches, where applicable, to produce reliable data to support making critical decisions. As Manager of INTERA’s Austin Environmental Group, Beronica leads a team of geoscientists and engineers and actively manages large, multi-site contracts with state and municipal environmental agencies and departments. Some of her most recent experience includes applying her site investigation skills on a variety of water utility projects involving risk assessments of PFAS contamination. This work has included analyzing historical operations and releases at surrounding properties to evaluate the potential for PFAS contamination in nearby water supply wells.