Dan Haddock’s experience includes the planning, development, and management of water infrastructure. Through a previous role as engineering director for a group of large and small water and wastewater utilities, he brings direct knowledge of utility business, operations, and management. This includes master planning, water resource development, capital investment program management and project delivery, and support for operations, regulatory matters, and water rates. He has managed all phases of planning, design, construction, and commissioning of water supply, treatment, and conveyance infrastructure. His focus at INTERA is integrating the company's varied technical capabilities into innovative approaches to help utilities and industries optimize the use of available resources and infrastructure, enhance resiliency, and confidently manage risk. Some of his recent project experience includes regional water supply planning and development, design and construction administration for supply wells, analysis of PFAS groundwater contamination risk, planning and permitting of groundwater replenishment via indirect potable reuse, measures to enhance water supply resiliency, and asset management planning for groundwater infrastructure. Mr. Haddock is active in professional organizations, currently serving as a Trustee of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Resources Sustainability Division.