Jeremy White’s experience is focused on the development and application of environmental models for decision support, with emphasis on uncertainty/risk analysis, data assimilation, and optimization under uncertainty. He is the lead developer of several internationally recognized software platforms for uncertainty, data assimilation, optimization, and modeling workflow automation. Using his background in computer science, Jeremy has pioneered new approaches and workflows for environmental simulation that focus on rapid and reproducible modeling analyses. He works on modeling projects around the world and in numerous environmental settings to support both water resources management and remedial activities. Jeremy collaborated on the development of several advanced new capabilities for the MODFLOW family of codes including solution techniques for MODFLOW 5 using general-purpose graphical processing units, the development and implementation of a diffusive-wave MODFLOW 5-coupled surface-water model, as well as the new subsidence process for MODFLOW 6. He also teaches courses on the topics of groundwater modeling with Python and applied parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis.