Joseph (Joe) Peré brings expertise in applying engineering and science in the areas air quality, regulatory permitting and compliance, process engineering, control technology analysis, data management, and climate change.  He develops permitting strategies and emissions compliance programs, analyzes state and federal regulations and proposed rulemaking, and supports clients with regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings.  As INTERA’s Technical Director of Air Quality, Joe serves as the company’s technical authority for air quality engineering and sciences, and leads high-visibility projects for clients in the chemical, manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, and nuclear industries. These projects include permitting and ongoing compliance for complex chemical manufacturing facilities, air quality dispersion modeling of sites located in densely populated urban areas, determining the carbon footprint of offshore oil and gas production facilities, and risk evaluation of emission sources in support of corporate mergers and acquisitions.  As part of his work, Joe develops and applies air dispersion models using software packages such as AERMOD, ISC3, and SCREEN3, and facility process models using the VMGSim and PROMAX software packages.