Mark Gosselin’s professional experience encompasses coastal processes, nearshore and open channel hydrodynamics, and sediment transport. His doctoral research involved the development of a method for predicting the rate of clear water local scour based on both laboratory experiments and three dimensional flow modeling. Mark has served as project manager on hundreds of scour and hydraulic assessments of coastal structures throughout the country and has served as project manager on numerous coastal engineering studies that have involved wave, hurricane storm surge, and dam break hydraulic modeling. His experience covers the south, east, and west coastlines of the US and coastal islands. His project work has been performed for various clients, with a lot of his experience being completed for state and federal government. He has applied SWAN+ADCIRC, RMA2, FESWMS, and other analytical techniques to support coastal structure design and assessments for preliminary design and numerous design-build projects. He currently directs the coastal and hydraulic engineering group at INTERA and manages small and large teams on projects with values up to $2 million.