Sunil Mehta is a hydrogeologist and geochemist with nearly three decades of experience in the areas of reactive transport modeling, performance assessment, and uncertainty analysis. He leads projects on environmental remediation of contaminated groundwater and vadose zone sediments at superfund sites, assessment of long-term impacts to the environment from radioactive waste disposal, and evaluation of water resources. He has over two decades of experience in developing key regulatory documents required for disposal authorization of radioactive waste at engineered disposal facilities and underground tanks. This experience includes developing specialized flow and reactive transport models for radionuclides and hazardous chemicals, conducting process and component modeling (e.g., waste form degradation and release, unsaturated and saturated zone flow and transport, colloid facilitated transport, etc.) and combining these models into comprehensive probabilistic assessment tools used to forecast long-term post-closure performance.  In the area of environmental remediation, he has performed hydrogeological studies and groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling to lead remedial decisions related to removal of contaminants such as uranium and hexavalent chromium from periodically rewetted zones influenced by aquifer-river interactions. His water resources experience includes evaluating aquifer resource potential for agricultural needs through the interpretation of geophysical logs and analysis of pumping test data, and using remote sensing techniques to support groundwater exploration. Dr. Mehta manages teams of scientists and engineers, provides technical guidance and leadership, and presents results to management, clients, and other stakeholders.