William “Will” Nichols’ professional experience as water resources engineer has focused on the areas of hydrology, environmental site characterization, fate and transport modeling, pathway and exposure modeling, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, integrated risk assessment, probabilistic modeling and simulation, and software quality assurance. He has applied his expertise in these areas to help solve problems of national importance in the areas of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, remedial investigations and feasibility studies, radioactive waste disposal facility licensing, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews and environmental impact statement development. Will’s expertise has been applied in support of environmental restoration, dose reconstruction for legacy radioactive waste practices, and demonstration of compliance with applicable waste disposal regulatory requirements. He has successfully led science and engineering teams in software development efforts and scientific studies to deliver high-impact products including scientific simulators used to evaluate environmental dose and total system performance assessment. Will’s NEPA experience includes contributing to long-term consequences portions of environmental impact statements for nationally important facilities, including proposed and operating radioactive waste repositories.