Challenge. Update and complete development of a 3-dimensional groundwater flow and transport model used to support environmental compliance and remediation of groundwater impacted by TCE and NDMA.

Solution. INTERA updated the 3-dimensional flow and transport model by incorporating the most up-to-date data, measurements, and observations and recalibrating/refining the model as necessary. Once updated, the calibrated model was used to evaluate the effectiveness of plume capture and alternative scenarios for operation of the plume-front treatment system (PFTS). INTERA performed simulations to predict future conditions out to the year 2110. Model results show that the PFTS acts to stabilize the contaminant plumes over time with little to no down-gradient migration. Comparing predictive scenarios with, and without, the PFTS shows that the groundwater extraction and treatment system is effectively stabilizing the contaminant plume and reducing concentration levels along the leading edge of the plume. Without the PFTS, both TCE and NDMA continue migrating towards the WSTF site boundary.