On April 18, 2024, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology will host a workshop aimed at furthering the advancement of geothermal energy development in the state. Dr. Shari Kelley, Senior Geophysicist/Field Geologist at the Bureau, will lead the event, building on the outcomes of a previous workshop held in September 2023. INTERA’s Emily Woolsey and Lee Dalton, who both attended the previous workshop, are assisting Dr. Kelley in establishing a Geothermal Rising Regional Interest Group for New Mexico and in developing the agenda for the workshop. Scheduled to take place at the Fidel Center on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro, NM, the workshop will feature presentations and panel discussions advocating for the integration of thermal storage networks and geothermal power plants into alternative energy portfolios. Additionally, efforts will be made to encourage indigenous communities and the oil industry to engage in geothermal energy projects. The workshop aims to address technical, policy, economic, and regulatory aspects of geothermal development, with the overarching goal of fostering partnerships and expediting geothermal initiatives in New Mexico. Registration for the event is open, with both in-person and virtual attendance options available. For more information visit https://www.geothermal.org/events/advancing-geothermal-development-new-mexico.