INTERA is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Bill Linderfelt to the INTERA Albuquerque office as a Principal Hydrogeologist. Bill has over 25 years of experience in hydrogeology and environmental science focused on the development of conceptual and numerical flow and transport models of complex groundwater and surface water systems. He has applied a variety of modeling techniques including numerical and analytical flow and transport solutions, geostatistic and stochastic analysis, and uncertainty analysis. Bill has applied models to evaluate: groundwater and surface water impacts from open-pit and underground mines; infiltration into and recharge through the vadose zone to support the design of infiltration basins and evaluate the migration of waste rock leachate; LNAPL dissolution and dissolved-phase migration in the saturated and vadose zones; transport and fate of contaminants in variably saturated flow systems for allocation and remediation design; and density-coupled modeling of dense liquids. Dr. Linderfelt has strong project management skills including the ability to interact well with clients, oversee project teams, and mentor junior staff.