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  • risk-based compliance strategies
  • site-wide water balance and water management
  • geochemical evaluations and acid rock drainage prediction and mitigation
  • design and engineering
    • ponds and impoundments
    • grading/drainage planning
    • erosion and sediment controls
    • stormwater management
    • water treatment, pumping, storage, and conveyance systems
  • surface water engineering
  • waste rock management plans
  • evaluation and development of mine water supplies
  • mine dewatering
  • mine water management and optimization for sustainable development
  • evaluation of water resources and mine waste for Section 20 of NI 43-101 reports

Achieving optimum output and return on mining projects requires balancing operational efficiency with the requirements of good environmental stewardship. We believe in the smart use of water during mining operations through attention to both the environment and the bottom line. INTERA offers specialized expertise in developing and applying system-level models and other quantitative tools that incorporate a project’s complete water balance and allow informed decision-making with respect to overall water management. Our group of civil, geotechnical, and geological engineers bring the capabilities to evaluate existing mine infrastructure and design and oversee the construction of new or expanded water, sediment, and waste control systems. We also excel in establishing optimized monitoring plans and systems for collecting the data necessary to maintain regulatory compliance.

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Contacts -
Cynthia Ardito, PH, CGWP
Principal Hydrogeologist
Sr. Vice President – Mining
Peter Castiglia
Senior Hydrogeologist
Vice President – Southwest Region