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Water Utility Resiliency through Digital Transformation

  • stakeholder engagement
  • asset management
  • baselining IT and OT systems
  • digital transformation roadmapping
  • data analytics
  • decision support systems

Today’s water utilities face challenges that range from water supply shortages, aging infrastructure and workforces, and lack of access to capital funding to climate change, cybersecurity concerns, increasing operation and maintenance costs, and declining revenues. Data analytics and digital transformation are keys to building resiliency for water utilities. Data analytics are mathematical tools, processes, and reports that allow quantitative data to be evaluated and summarized to provide information and knowledge about the system. Utilities gather a wealth of data, often driven by regulatory reporting requirements, operational controls, and customer billing needs. This data, when analyzed and presented in the form of information, leads to sound, robust decision making. Digital transformation is the process of integrating technology solutions into the decision-making framework.

INTERA brings decades of experience developing data analytics and decision support systems for water utilities. Our Director of Water Utility Resiliency, Dr. Alison Adams, PE, has developed a Digital Transformation Roadmap to assist water utilities in enhancing the resiliency of their systems. As the former Chief Technical Officer for Tampa Bay Water, one of the largest utilities in the State of Florida, Dr. Adams pioneered the agency’s transformation to resiliency through the development and execution of a data-driven decision support system. Her lessons learned form the basis of the Digital Transformation Roadmap for water utilities and INTERA’s services to support the transformation process.

Dr. Adams authored a white paper that details the Digital Transformation Roadmap, which can be downloaded HERE

Four Steps to Digital Transformation

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Alison Adams, PhD, PE
Director, Water Utility Resiliency
Dan Haddock, PE
Director, Water Utility Services
Jack Wittman, PhD, PH
Vice President, Strategy & Integration