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Terry Hull

MS Engineering Mechanics (Coastal Engineering emphasis), Principal Engineer and Vice President – Southeastern Division


INTERA Incorporated
Regency Tower, 9550 Regency Square Blvd.,
Suite 906
Jacksonville, FL 32225 USA


MATHCOUNTS Chair and Terry, FES President, present a trophy and scholarship check to a state competition winner.


Terry and wife, Shawn, primed for the flamenco at an INTERA party.


Terry and family pet, Samson. Hard to tell who’s training who.

Growing up, Terry always wanted to be a medical doctor. So when it came time to head to college, he entered the pre-med program at the University of Tennessee. But after being exposed to the field of engineering (his college roommates were engineering students), Terry realized that this was his real passion. He transferred to the biomedical engineering program, focused his studies on bio-fluid mechanics, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Unfortunately, finding a job in biomedical engineering with only an undergraduate degree proved very challenging, so he enrolled in a Master’s program at Georgia Tech. But before classes began, Terry was presented with an opportunity to join a coastal engineering firm. “No, the University of Tennessee is not known for their coastal engineering program, but the firm needed someone with a strong background in fluid mechanics and, apparently desperate, they hired me.”

So in 1985, Terry started his engineering consulting career. He also continued his education and ultimately received a Master’s degree in engineering mechanics (with a coastal emphasis) from the University of Florida. “While a career in medicine or bio-medical engineering would have been fulfilling, the consulting engineering field has provided me with the opportunity to perform, manage, and oversee projects to solve complex coastal and water resources challenges, develop organizational leadership skills, and give back to both the engineering profession and my community.”

Terry’s challenging yet rewarding career has included serving as the president of both an engineering consulting company and the Florida Engineering Society (FES). He has always remained active in his community through support to programs such as MATHCOUNTS—a middle school program designed to introduce students to engineering. He is also a founding board member of the first Engineering Career Academy to receive National Career Academy Coalition "Model" status (Jacksonville’s Lee High School), and Jacksonville’s ACE Mentoring Program of America (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering).

Looking for a new challenge, Terry joined INTERA in 2012 to lead the company’s Southeastern Division. “INTERA’s values, vision, people, culture, and business philosophy are an ideal fit for me. Although part of a relatively small company, I continue to be impressed with our depth of expertise and experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with INTERA staff from all of our offices to solve interesting and complex water resources problems aimed at improving and protecting the environment.”
In his not-so-abundant free time, Terry works on home improvement carpentry projects and enjoys outdoor activities that include boating, tennis, golf, and snow skiing.

Dream Dinner Guest – Jonathan Winters or Robin Williams (not both at once)
Hero – father, a decorated Korean War vet who worked hard to support his family and earned the respect of my mother as her hero.
Biggest Influence – mother, no commentary necessary
Special Talent – carpentry (apprentice level)
Secret Accomplishment(s) – bare-foot skiing (briefly)
Favorite Movie – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Favorite Book – Catch 22
Favorite Museum – MOMA
Favorite Song – Dream On (Aerosmith)
Musician/Band you’d most like to see live – Kenny Chesney
Favorite Vacation – Banff (skiing)
If I had one wish, it would be – besides two more wishes, outliving my parents but not my children.
Place of birth – Nashville, TN
Children – 3