Doug Munch has joined INTERA as a principal hydrogeologist. A professional geologist registered in Florida with 40 years of experience, Doug served as Bureau Director of Ground Water Programs at the St. Johns River Water Management District for 33 years. He has led a wide variety of groundwater monitoring and characterization efforts including hydrogeologic field data collection, groundwater monitoring well and well network design and construction, aquifer performance testing, interpretation of geophysical and geological information, and the development of analytical and numerical groundwater flow models to evaluate the impacts of water demands on groundwater resources. Doug’s experience also includes aquifer storage and recovery projects and the effective coordination of interagency and intergovernmental efforts to address groundwater resource and regulatory issues. Doug is a highly respected member of this profession and lauded at the Florida water management districts. He has worked with the INTERA Tampa staff for several years and complements INTERA's capabilities well. Doug will work part-time based in our Gainesville, FL, office.