INTERA’s Database Saves Time, Money and Resources for Oil and Gas Companies AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 25, 2013 – INTERA, a leader in Texas water resources, is releasing the first comprehensive complementary database of groundwater resources in Midland County, Texas – an epicenter for unconventional exploration and production. The new database includes aquifer locations and depths; well yields, locations, and water quality; water-level trends; cross-sections from geophysical log correlation; and disposal well details.  There is also an in-depth summary of Midland County’s fresh and brackish water source options and characteristics. “Water has always played an important role in oil and gas operations. However, with the proliferation of hydraulic fracturing, having access to a reliable supply of water is critical,” said Marsh Lavenue, CEO of INTERA.  “The locations and characteristics of nearby wells, and the potential for development of deeper brackish formations, gives oil and gas companies the information needed to reduce or eliminate impacts to local freshwater sources where possible." INTERA’s database provides access to a series of user-friendly maps, including both hard-copy and digital formats of Midland County’s groundwater sources.  The interactive digital map PDFs contain embedded well records to allow users to click on a well and quickly pull up detailed attributes of interest. The database includes full historical records with drillers’ logs, water quality reports and well records to further evaluate wells and inform users of the characteristics of the area’s groundwater resources. “The database is not limited to just fresh water sources, but includes an evaluation of the water quality in brackish aquifers at various depths interpreted from resistivity logs,” continues Lavenue. “This is a unique tool for energy companies who need quick but smart answers to support their operations.” INTERA has nearly 40 years of experience characterizing and assessing Texas’ groundwater resources. The company performs well logging, water sampling, aquifer testing, groundwater modeling and sustainability assessments in support of informed groundwater resource development. To receive a free copy of the Midland County groundwater resource study, contact Wade Oliver, PG at (512) 425-2058 or