In a strategic move aimed at ensuring continued success and seamless leadership transition, INTERA is delighted to announce the promotion of Dr. Joan Blainey to the position of Vice President of the Northwest Region. Joan's outstanding contributions and dedication have earned her this prestigious role, where she will take over from Greg Ruskauff, who will assume a role within the company's "Key Principals" group.

Joan will be responsible for overseeing two crucial technical groups within INTERA: one focused on the Federal Line of Business and the other dedicated to supporting the extensive Hanford Site work scope. Her leadership skills, deep technical expertise, and commitment to excellence make her the ideal candidate to guide these critical areas of our operations.

INTERA’s Ryan Nell is also being promoted and will step into the role of Technical Group Manager, filling the position previously held by Joan. His commitment to excellence and innovative thinking make him the perfect choice for this pivotal role.

"Successful leadership succession requires strategy and deliberate actions, and I believe with these steps we will position the Northwest Region for continued success," stated Will Nichols, Senior Vice President and Principal Environmental Engineer. Will also noted "Joan Blainey's promotion exemplifies our commitment to nurturing and recognizing talent within INTERA, and we are confident that she will excel in her new role. We also extend our gratitude to Greg Ruskauff for his exceptional leadership, and we look forward to his continued contributions in his new capacity."