Since our creation in 1974 and throughout the last 50 years, INTERA has been honored to provide high-value services to our clients.  We are extremely proud of our company’s continued success and growth, and we are very grateful for the opportunities we have been awarded. 

During a recent company Town Hall led by our CEO Marsh Lavenue, PhD, several company founders and long-term staff members were asked what one word they would use to describe their experience at INTERA.  It was no surprise that these tenured employees chose words like homestead, family, teamwork, respect, remarkable, exceptional, and opportunity to serve to describe what INTERA means to them.  Similar to our company ideals when we were formed, INTERA continues our commitment to serving our clients’ needs, and to being a workplace that our staff can be proud to call home.

To honor our 50-year anniversary and as a general refresh of our brand, INTERA is unveiling our revamped company logo, marking the first change in a decade. The new design maintains the company's distinctive identity while incorporating subtle enhancements that symbolize the elements and subsurface layers integral to INTERA's operations. Notably, the logo takes on a more global shape, a deliberate design choice to underscore INTERA's commitment to sustainability on a worldwide scale.

Our strategic rebranding not only pays homage to a half-century of excellence but also reinforces INTERA’s position as a forward-thinking entity ready to meet the challenges of the next decade and beyond.