We are pleased to announce that Jeremey White has been promoted to serve as INTERA’s Decision Support Science Director. Jeremy has been at the forefront of innovation, continuously cutting new ground and developing tools that benefit our clients and the company as a whole. His contributions have been instrumental in addressing the complex challenges we encounter. As Decision Support Science Director, Jeremy will oversee the development and management of applications, working closely with our numerical modeling professionals. He will establish programming standards for executing and analyzing predictive modeling tools, while also focusing on training, promotion, publications, and participation in conferences. Regarding this much-deserved promotion, INTERA’s Chairman and CEO, Marsh Lavenue, stated, “We are fortunate to have Jeremy’s expertise and vision driving us forward. His promotion reinforces our commitment to maintaining our position as a highly advanced technical leader in the field of Quantitative Environmental Sciences. We look forward to witnessing his continued contributions and the positive impact he will have on our organization”.