Rainer Senger, PhD, Principal Hydrogeologist at INTERA, co-chaired the Nuclear Waste Management session at the TOUGH Symposium held October 10 -13 in Berkeley California. In addition to chairing the session, Dr. Senger also gave a presentation on Modeling of Gas Transport through Bentonite Taking into Account Subscale Structures with Process-Dependent Behaviour, whose authors also included fellow INTERAns Argha Namhata, PhD and Alex Papafotiou, PhD of the Switzerland office. Also during the same session, Dr. Papafotiou gave a presentation on the Assessment of Uncertainty Associated with Model Abstraction of Coupled Thermos-Hydraulic-Mechanical Processes in a Deep Geological Repository for SF/HLW, which was authored by INTERAns Argha Namhata, PhD, Chao Li, PhD, and Alex Papafotiou, PhD.