During the first three weeks of 2012, INTERA’s Cody Hudson was in Kenya working to provide safe drinking water to approximately 2,000 people in the village of Tot. The project was spearheaded by an Austin, TX non-profit organization called Well Aware. As a technical advisor, Cody is supporting Well Aware’s efforts to reach out globally for a solution to the suffering caused by water scarcity in parts of East Africa. The Tot project consisted of the construction of a spring water collection box and the installation of piping to water taps that enabled patrons to more easily access the clean water. The spring water collection box was constructed at the spring head in order to prevent any contamination and the piping system was designed and installed so that the water flows by gravity and no power is required. In addition to the local population in the area, this project also provides clean water to a local hospital that had previously relied on water from irrigation furrows.