INTERA’s Dr. Ahmad Askar, Senior Hydrogeologist, and Dr. Jeremy White, Decision Support Science Director and Principal Hydrogeologist, recently co-authored an article entitled "Identifying the Source Settings of Deep Brine Leakage from CO2 Geological Repositories Using Observations from Shallow Overlying Formations" in the Advances in Water Resources Journal on ScienceDirect. The study focuses on characterizing the source of leaking brine from a carbon storage unit.

The research showcases the effectiveness of an ensemble-based inversion tool in reducing prior uncertainty in source location using relatively inexpensive shallow zone data. This breakthrough has significant implications for identifying potential contamination threats to shallow groundwater resources from CO2/brine leakage.

The findings contribute to advancing our understanding of carbon storage applications and will aid in developing remediation plans and designing effective corrective actions. To view the full article, visit: Identifying the source settings of deep brine leakage from CO2 geological repositories using observations from shallow overlying formations - ScienceDirect