Commissioned by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation, INTERA Principal Geoscientist, Dr. Jack Wittman, recently led a 6-month study of Indiana’s water resources and the impacts these resources have on the ability to sustain economic development across the state. The results of the study are included in a report titled “Water and Economic Development in Indiana—Modernizing the State’s Approach to a Critical Resource.” The report includes specific recommendations for: creating widespread awareness about the need for water supply planning; coordinating current efforts, including the funding of additional water research; implementing more robust monitoring of water resources; and developing standardized systems for data analysis and water resource management. The study warns that without planning and proper management, Indiana’s water supply—a longtime natural resource strength—could become a challenge for both businesses and citizens. The study also sets the stage for the creation of a long-needed, long-range water plan for the state. The complete report can be downloaded at