INTERA will be well-represented at the 2024 Waste Management (WM) Symposia in Phoenix, AZ, to be held next week, March 10 – 14. Four INTERAns will be presenting, including those listed below –

  • Kimberly Ralston-Hooper, Ecotoxicologist/Environmental Risk Assessor, will present "Updates to the Hanford Site Composite Analysis Dose Calculations Based on Central Tendency and Updated FGR Values", Tuesday, March 12, during Track 7, 102 Emerging Contaminant Issues (7.12)
  • Matthew W. Kozak, Principal Engineer, will present "Fifty Years – The Evolution of Performance Assessments for Low-Level Waste Disposal Facilities", Wednesday, March 13, during Track 3, 149 Panel: 50th Anniversary of WM Symposia: Track 3 Retrospective - Changes to LLW Management Over 50 Years (R3.08)
  • Fred Zhang, Principal Hydrologist, will present "Numerical Assessment of a 500-Year Modified RCRA Subtitle C Evapotranspiration Surface Barrier", Thursday, March 14, during Track 7, 196 Modeling Applications and Flow/Transport Analysis in Environmental Remediation (7.11)
  • Will Nichols, Senior Vice President/Principal Environmental Engineer, will present Mart Oostrom’s paper entitled “Technical Approach Overview of the 2023 Updated Hanford Site Composite Analysis”, Thursday, March 14, during Track 9, 226 Integrated Performance and Risk Assessments, Decision Analyses, and Risk Management (9.05)

Mart Oostrom, Principal Hydrogeologist, is also a co-author on paper 24564 entitled "Where did That Water Go: Determining the Groundwater Impacts of Dust Suppression Water Applied During Demolition," scheduled for presentation by Randal Fox during Session 073 on Tuesday, March 12. Additionally, Mart will be part of the group accepting a WM2023 Superior Paper Award for 23048 "Developing a Single-Shell Tank Performance Assessment Model for Hanford Tank Farms." This paper was authored by Kearn Lee, David Watson, and Marcel Bergeron from WRPS, in addition to Mart and Trevor Budge from INTERA. We will also have numerous engineers and scientists in attendance at this important conference. To access the agenda or register, visit the WM Symposia site, here - WM2024 (