INTERA is excited to be hosting the upcoming 2023 PEST Conference – The Path from Data to Decisions – held from March 6 - 10, 2023 in La Jolla, CA.  Numerous INTERAns will be presenting, including those listed below with their positions, and a number of our staff members will also be serving in moderator and discussion attendee roles.  To conference schedule and program along with the abstracts can all be access HERE.

  • Greg Ruskauff (Invited Presenter) - Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist
  • Marsh Lavenue - Chairman & CEO
  • Jeremy White - Principal Hydrogeologist
  • Guillermo Martinez - Water Resources Engineer
  • Abhishek Singh - President - Water Supply & Water Resources
  • Eduardo DeSousa - Principal Groundwater Modeler
  • Katie Markovich - Senior Hydrogeologist
  • Ryan Harmon - Hydrogeologist
  • Mohamed Hayek – Senior Scientist
  • Johanna Zwinger - Staff Hydrologist / Engineer
  • Trevor Budge - Senior Hydrogeologist
  • Cecile Coulon - Hydrogeologist
  • Rui Hugman - Senior Hydrologist /Water Resources Engineer

The conference will focus on how model-based processing of environmental data can better serve decision-making. The conference will go beyond groundwater to include all forms of environmental simulation models and will provide a forum to discuss how the latest advances in data assimilation, optimization, and uncertainty analysis, can advance all these disciplines.