Peter Castiglia, Vice President of INTERA’s Mining and Water Resources Group, will be co-chairing a panel on water risks at the 2019 Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference in New York, NY, being held April 28 – May 1. The event will focus on the outlook, key trends, and issues impacting raising capital in the global mining industry - and highlight solutions, risks, and opportunities. Speakers will discuss case studies and talk about how management and investors use best practices and technology to anticipate, track, manage, and reduce technical and non-technical risk, including environmental, political, and financial risk. The event is organized by the New York Section of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration (SME), which is an association of more than 14,000 geoscientists, mining, and mineral professionals in over 100 countries. Each year, the conference draws leading practitioners and experts involved with funding and advising mining projects from around the world to share and discuss trends impacting the financing of mining projects. In addition to serving as a member of INTERA’s Executive Team, Mr. Castiglia leads multi-disciplinary teams that develop water-supply strategies for mineral processing and mining operations, approaches for dewatering underground operations, and predictive tools to evaluate potential impacts of proposed operations on water resources. He and the other panelists will be discussing “Water Risks: Approaches to Avoid Problems and Failure.” The group will explore the water risks common to most mineral development projects, illustrate common approaches for characterizing and controlling water risks, and share examples of how disruptions from water problems can have severe impacts on the financial performance of a development or operating company. More information is available here: