Challenge. Improve accuracy of coastal FEMA flood maps and the designs for proposed structures at site-specific locations

Solution. INTERA performed erosion and wave studies for dozens of private oceanfront and Gulf front properties to modify FEMA flood zones via Letter of Map Revisions or Map Change, obtain FEMA V-Zone fill permits, or establish coastal design criteria for proposed structures. Improvements to existing FEMA flood maps have included more recent topographic data, analyses that incorporate the actual site not captured by original FEMA overland transects, and improved technical methodologies. To complete these analyses, we have applied FEMA’s approved models including WHAFIS, CHAMP, RUNUP, and SWAN as well as the state of Florida’s CCCL erosion model. INTERA has incorporated the latest scientific methods and available data to advise property owners regarding construction in the coastal zone and successfully make changes to FEMA flood maps.