Primary INTERA Participants: Randy Roberts (lead developer), Rick Beauhiem (lead developer)

Challenge: To develop a well-test interpretation simulator capable of addressing low-permeability media and temperature effects on pressure, both of which may be significant in deep well testing applications such as needed for long-term radioactive waste disposal. Further, incorporate routines to quantify uncertainty in the inverse solution, enhancing the reliability of the estimated properties for hydrogeologic characterization or simulation.

Method: The n-Dimensional Statistical Inverse Graphical Hydraulic Test Simulator (nSIGHTS) is a Windows-based numerical well test simulator developed in collaboration with Geofirma Engineering, Ltd and Sandia National Laboratories that allows users to analyze aquifer tests and quantify the uncertainty on hydraulic parameter estimates associated with complex, heterogeneous hydrogeologic systems where flow is often non-radial. The capabilities and mathematical formulation of nSIGHTS,  based on the Graph Theoretic Field Model (GTFM) developed by INTERA scientists in 1983, are continuously improved upon through internal testing and feedback as well as from collaborators from academia, federal agencies, and private industry.

Primary Impact: Robust parameter estimation from well tests continues to improve hydrogeologic characterization and simulation for settings around the world ranging from deep, low permeability systems to shallow unconfined aquifers.