Challenge: To obtain injection well permits needed to support facility operations.

Solution: INTERA staff led the production of technical reports on geology and reservoir mechanics in support of several Class I injection well permit applications for sites operated by various companies, including Environmental Processing Systems, Pergan Marshall, US Ecology Texas, Texas Molecular, Rio Grande Resources, and ASARCO. Our efforts included using literature sources, historic data on bottom-hole pressures and injection rates, geophysical logs and petrophysical data, and pressure-fall off test results to evaluate the geology of the injection and confining zones, assess potential impacts to any underground sources of drinking water, and model future pressure buildup and waste-front propagation in the injection zone. Our model results were used to evaluate the impacts to artificial penetrations within an area of review around the proposed boreholes. INTERA staff also directly interfaced with state regulatory staff to expedite the resolution of permit application issues.

Results: All permits successfully obtained to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.