Challenge. Conduct review and provide input to national agency responsible for issuing a general license to construct and operate a spent nuclear fuel (SNF) repository in Sweden

Solution. INTERA personnel serve as key consultants, in the area of engineered barrier systems (EBS), for the review of the post-closure radiological safety analysis report (SR-Site) produced by the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB) to obtain a license for the construction and operation of a deep geological repository located in Forsmark for the permanent disposal of SNF. As part of the Initial Review Phase, consisting of a broad review of the main SR-Site and supporting references, we completed a preliminary assessment of the scientific and technical quality of the licensing documentation, identified the need for complementary information and clarifications to be delivered by SKB, and helped develop a task report that incorporates review comments from the entire team of international technical experts. After completing the Initial Review Phase, we worked with SSM and determined that the quality and comprehensiveness of the safety assessment is sufficient to warrant the in-depth assessment (Main Phase of the review) required to receive a construction license for the repository. Previously, INTERA personnel served on the Barriers for Radioactive Waste Isolation and Technical Evaluation (BRITE) advisory panel responsible for conducting an independent evaluation of the technical and performance assessment issues related to SNF disposal in the Forsmark repository. Specific analyses focused on the corrosion of copper canisters under expected repository conditions, potential erosion of clay buffer during construction and future glacial periods, and overall release behavior of radionuclides from the EBS. The BRITE provided independent technical support to SSM in preparation for receiving and reviewing the formal general Construction License Application discussed above.