INTERA’s Steven Humphrey, Senior Hydrogeologist, Neil Deeds, Vice President and Principal Water Resources Engineer, Kait Palys, Hydrogeologist, Abhishek Singh, President, Water Supply and Water Resources and Principal Water Resources Engineer, Trey Driscoll, Principal Hydrogeologist, and Ryan Alward, Senior Hydrogeologist, will be presenting, serving as panelists, and moderating at the 6th Annual Western Groundwater Congress on September 12th – 14th, hosted by the Groundwater Resources Association (GRA). The theme of the conference this year is, “The Future of Groundwater is YOU”. The conference will give attendees the chance to hear from a diverse group of speakers, panelists, communities of interest, and experts in the groundwater industry and beyond in an effort to bring everyone to the table. Conference participants will not only get the chance to discuss our industry’s most pressing issues, but more importantly, discuss how we can solve these issues collectively. To explore the agenda and to find INTERA’s speakers and panelists, visit: