Staff Directory

Marsh Lavenue has served as President and CEO of INTERA Incorporated since 2008. Marsh joined INTERA in Austin as a Staff Hydrogeologist in 1985 and since that time has served as Albuquerque Group Manager, Director of Marketing and Sales, Vice President of Western Operations and as Senior Vice President of INTERA's Performance Assessment Division. He played a key role in establishing several domestic and international offices for INTERA and has served on INTERA's Board of Directors since 2002. During Marsh’s technical career, he specialized in regional hydrologic model development, calibration, and sensitivity/uncertainty analysis. He has been involved in domestic and international projects for private industry and/or state or federal governmental agencies concerning water resource management, fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface, and the performance assessment of sites considered for long-term geologic storage of radioactive waste. He has authored and coauthored numerous journal articles and technical reports concerning groundwater flow modeling, surface water modeling, integrated surface water-groundwater modeling but is known mostly for his collaboration in the development of the Pilot-Point inverse method, now an industry standard for groundwater model parameter estimation. Marsh has been privileged to lead the INTERA leadership team in its execution of INTERA’s mission of Delivering Excellence with Every Solution. During his leadership, the company has experienced steady increases in top line and bottom line growth through the establishment and execution of a 5-yr strategic plan, an adherence to key performance indicators and the targeted recruitment of both senior technical professionals and senior operations staff. He has strengthened INTERA's position in regional environmental, mining and water resources markets, where INTERA principally operates (TX, NM, FL), and has recently expanded INTERA's services to include coastal engineering in the Southeastern US.