Abhishek Singh’s professional experience has focused on research and application experience in the areas of groundwater and surface water modeling, planning and decision analysis, risk and uncertainty analyses, optimization techniques, and temporal/spatial statistics. He has expertise in the development, calibration, and application of hydrologic and data-driven models to support robust water-resources decision-making. He has served as Manager of INTERA’s Quantitative Analysis Group and he leads projects and tasks involving the development and application of uncertainty analysis, risk assessment, and statistical modeling techniques. Abhishek has applied his expertise on a variety of water resource, environmental, and waste isolation projects where efforts have included modeling of complex hydrogeologic systems; analysis of time-series data to evaluate trends in non-stationary hydrologic systems, assessing the impacts of climate change on water planning; performance assessment modeling for radioactive and hazardous waste disposal facilities; and optimization of groundwater remediation and monitoring system design. He is experienced in developing integrated geographic information systems and geodatabases in support of water resource projects. He has extensive experience with a number of modeling software programs including MODFLOW, MODFLOW-SURFACT, GoldSim, LeapFrog Hydro, HYDRUS, MT3DMS, RT3D, STOMP, VS2DI, TOUGH2, MIKE-SHE, PEST, UCODE, GSLIB, GMS, EcoLego, and ArcINFO/ArcMAP, and he is well versed in programming languages such as C, C++, Perl, Python, Matlab, Fortran, Visual Basic, and Java.