Greg Ruskauff’s professional experience has focused on the areas of performance assessment of both near-surface and geological radioactive waste repositories, regulatory development, dose assessment for residual contamination of soils and buildings, toxic materials risk assessment, and mixed waste issues. His experience includes performing, planning, and managing site investigations and groundwater modeling on various types of projects. He brings expertise in coordinating teams of technical experts to perform activities necessary for the development of integrated interpretations of complex groundwater systems in order to meet or exceed regulatory-driven requirements. He led the analysis and modeling team for a large federal environmental restoration site, whose primary task was to characterize the complex subsurface environment and evaluate groundwater contamination from historical underground nuclear testing. Under Greg’s leadership the activity passed, for the first time, a public peer review required by the regulatory agency advancing the first corrective action unit out of characterization and toward closure. The organizational approach was judged to be so successful that the preparation for the next peer review followed the same pattern. Greg’s career has been marked by numerous promotions on important federal projects due to his reliable technical and regulatory leadership skills.