Joseph “Joe” Tracy’s professional experience in the environmental consulting field has focused on serving both private sector and municipal clients on projects involving Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs), detailed Phase II site investigations, remedial planning, and site remediation. He has provided his expertise to a variety of clients including municipal, state, and federal government, tribal governments, and private industry clients. Joe has evaluated the environmental impacts to soil and groundwater at petroleum storage tank (PST) sites, Superfund sites, Brownfields sites, and a variety of current and former industrial properties and facilities. Types of contaminants investigated and remediated under his direction include petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and asbestos. Joe has managed multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers to complete PST investigations and remediation, develop remedial plans under voluntary remediation and Superfund programs, and prepare and implement work plans, quality assurance project plans, and remedial action plans for Brownfields and other redevelopment projects. Joe has considerable experience performing investigation and related activities at municipal landfills where his efforts have included the installation and monitoring of landfill gas (LFG) probes, preparing landfill management plans, managing the operation and maintenance of LFG extraction/destruction systems, developing and implementing grading and drainage plans, and profiling the nature and extent of landfill wastes. In addition to his technical work, Joe is the Vice President of INTERA’s Southwest Environmental and Waste Isolation Division in INTERA’s Albuquerque Office.