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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Innovative Groundwater Database Connects Energy Companies with Water-Sourcing Information

INTERA’s Database Saves Time, Money and Resources for Oil and Gas Companies AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 25, 2013 – INTERA, a leader in Texas water resources, is releasing the first comprehensive complementary database of groundwater resources in Midland County, Texas – an epicenter for unconventional exploration and production. The new database includes aquifer locations and depths; well…
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As Drought Spreads, Firms Could Be Up the Creek

By: Constance Gustke, Special to Three straight years of blistering drought have strained Texas' water resources. Some cities like Midland are already steeply raising their water prices. But it's not just residents of the Lone Star State feeling parched. Texas-based companies are scrambling to reduce their water usage and enact long-term water management plans as a critical…
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INTERA Develops Breakthrough Adjoint Sensitivity Code for Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Models

In the assessment of sustainable groundwater development, capture functions, graphically displayed by capture maps over the modeled domain, are used to optimize the location of pumping wells, timing of pumping and other well field design features. Capture functions denote the fraction of the pumped water drawn from a selected source of supply (groundwater storage, ET, enhanced recharge, boundary flux…
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