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Shore Protection

  • beach nourishment, planning, design, permitting, construction observation, and monitoring
  • coastal structure evaluations and design
    • seawalls
    • jetties
    • revetments
    • piers
    • living shorelines
  • economic benefit analyses

A high concentration of the population lives and works along the coast. In many instances, this causes increased erosion problems and high demand for recreational use of coastal resources. Engineers employ a number of shoreline protection methods—classified as “hard” or “soft” solutions—to halt or slow the erosion process. Hard solutions typically include structures such as groins, breakwaters, seawalls, and revetments that can hold the shoreline at a fixed location. Soft solutions include more natural shoreline treatments like beach nourishment and bioengineered shoreline protection (e.g., living shorelines). Appropriate shoreline management actions depend on factors that include long-term erosion rates, values of upland development, vital infrastructure protection, recreational interests, and wildlife habitat restoration. Through experience on a variety of shore protection projects involving planning, permitting, design, construction observation, and monitoring, our staff brings the knowledge needed to balance societal needs and environmental aspects when designing and implementing shore protection solutions.

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Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Coastal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering
352.332.2323 ext. 105

Michael Krecic, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer
352.332.2323 ext. 107
Philip Dompe, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer
Jacob Mcbee, PE
Coastal Engineer