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Geoenvironmental Engineering

  • slope stabilization and earth retaining systems
  • shallow and deep foundation evaluations
  • forensic analysis of damage/distress to structures
  • failure analysis of earth/containment structures
  • geotechnical investigation and assessment
  • waste water retention structures and water treatment lagoons
  • slurry walls, cut-off walls, and hydraulic barrier design
  • landfill and subsurface stability for waste containment
  • geosynthetic design for containment and remediation applications
  • construction quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC)

INTERA provides geoenvironmental engineering services that integrate the disciplines of geotechnical, civil, and environmental engineering with geology, hydrology, and hydrogeology to design, implement, and manage cost effective site assessments and ground investigations. These services are focused on supporting a variety of projects that include the permitting, design, construction, monitoring, and closure of landfills; assessment and abatement design for landfill gas; construction on former landfills, mine site reclamation; and earthwork/infrastructure design for renewable energy (e.g., solar and geothermal) developments. Our geoenvironmental engineers bring specialized expertise in solving foundation and earth structure problems, whether related to design or construction. This includes evaluating soil and rock properties, analyzing and predicting the behavior of earth materials, developing design and construction recommendations, making economic evaluations of alternate solutions, providing construction advice and consultation, and serving as expert witnesses in litigation cases involving damage to structures.

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Larry Coons, PE, PHg, DGE, BCEE
Principal Geoenvironmental Engineer