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Mines frequently have either too much water, not enough, or the wrong type. Easy-to-access supplies are becoming scarcer and more public and regulatory attention is being paid to how operations affect water resources on both local and regional scales. Water challenges and risks at mines have many consequences such as increased scrutiny from the public and environmental agencies, rising capital and operating costs, and lost opportunities from delays in implementation schedules. At INTERA, we help mining companies control water related risks so that capital and operating dollars can be used for more important projects at the mine—projects that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Since our start in 1974, INTERA’s ability to deliver risk management solutions through the development and application of numerical models and other quantitative decision support tools has been the foundation of our consulting reputation. Alongside the application of these quantitative tools and methods, we maintain an active presence on site doing the fundamental field work that most projects require. Drilling, testing, and sampling groundwater wells, gauging streams, sampling pit lakes, and characterizing sediment and soil serve as the basis for much of our work. Most importantly, INTERA’s work produces results. We have helped reduce development schedules by years and saved millions in capital and operating expenses. Whether it is evaluating the impacts of past, current, or future operations, finding and quantifying a water source to support operations, or optimizing the management of waste streams, INTERA brings the experience and commitment to developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for every phase of mining projects—from planning and development, and construction and operations, to reclamation and closure.

In addition, through our network of strategic partnership, INTERA offers expanded capabilities and services to support the mining industry in areas that include:

  • waste rock management and planning
  • passive water treatment systems
  • pit lake modeling, management and treatment
  • rapid infiltration basin design
  • heap leach drawdown prediction and management
  • tailings water management
  • geotechnical and rock mechanic investigations
  • erosion and sediment control
  • geosynthetic and soil liner system evaluation and design

INTERA's network of associates in Latin America facilitates onsite project oversight and regulatory liaison, while maximizing cost effectiveness.

To learn more about INTERA’s solutions for different phases of mining projects, click on any of the links below. For additional details on specific services of interest, also visit our Water Resources, Environmental, Radioactive Waste, and GIS and Data Management pages.

Cynthia Ardito, PH, CGWP
Principal Hydrogeologist
Sr. Vice President – Mining
Peter Castiglia, PG
Senior Hydrogeologist
Vice President – Southwest Region