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Coastal Engineering

Coastal zones represent a dynamic environment where land meets water. These areas face a number of challenges such as erosion, flooding, recurring severe weather events, and population shift to waterfront centers and the associated demands for infrastructure. INTERA’s coastal, environmental, and water resources engineers provide solutions to issues such as shoreline protection (including living shorelines); regional sand management; ecosystem restoration; dredged material management and beneficial re-use; flood protection; and stormwater management. Our coastal engineering experience covers a wide range of issues that include modeling waves and tidal circulation; assessing boat wake and surge; computing wave/current and aeolian sediment transport; developing inlet management plans (sediment budgets); evaluating and designing coastal structures and navigation channels; beach planning, design, permitting, and monitoring (including sand source identification and quantification); and evaluating erosion, flooding, and the effects to infrastructure resulting from hurricane landfalls and sea level rise. We have analyzed processes along the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Great Lakes coastlines for clients that include local, state, and federal agencies as well as commercial industry.

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Contacts -

Mark Gosselin, PhD, PE
Principal Coastal Engineer,
Vice President of Coastal Engineering

Philip Dompe, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer