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Yearly Archives: 2018

INTERA’s Dr. Larry Lake will be Teaching Two Short Courses at the Upcoming SPE ATCE

Dr. Larry Lake, a Principal Engineer with INTERA Petroleum Consultants (an INTERA subsidiary), will be teaching two short courses in association with the upcoming Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition being held in Dallas, Texas from September 24-26, 2018.TCE. Prior to the conference, Dr. Lake will give a two-day training course…
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INTERA’s David Jordan, PE, and Abhishek Singh, PhD, PE, will be Presenting at the Groundwater Resources Association of California webinar GRAcast

INTERA’s David Jordan, PE, Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist, and Abhishek Singh, PhD, PE, Senior Water Resources Engineer, will be presenting at the Groundwater Resources Association of California webinar GRAcast: The Systems Approach for Sustainable Groundwater Planning and Management. The webinar will be held January 9th and will focus on the inter-dependent components for successful…
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INTERA Presents at TOUGH Symposium 2018

Rainer Senger, PhD, Principal Hydrogeologist at INTERA, co-chaired the Nuclear Waste Management session at the TOUGH Symposium held October 10 -13 in Berkeley California. In addition to chairing the session, Dr. Senger also gave a presentation on Modeling of Gas Transport through Bentonite Taking into Account Subscale Structures with Process-Dependent Behaviour, whose authors also included…
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